First complete description of nest, eggs, and nestlings of the Squamate Antbird, Myrmoderus squamosus (Aves: Thamnophilidae)


Even though nest architecture has been useful for phylogenetic inferences among the Thamnophilidae (Aves: Passeriformes), the nests of only three out of five species of Myrmoderus (Ridgway, 1909) are known to science. Here we describe the nests, eggs, and nestling of the Squamate Antbird Myrmoderus squamosus (Pelzeln, 1868). Two nests were bulky bottom-supported cups, measuring 7.3 and 12 cm in maximum outside diameter, with a noticeably smaller egg cup, and they were placed within the crown of short, broad-leafed plants. Eggs were short-oval, with chalky white background color, and purple blotches and streaks more concentrated in the large end. One nestling was dark reddish grey, with bluish white feet, pinkish gray tarsi, and a blackish bill with bright yellow rictal flanges. In face of the great diversity of nest types found among the Thamnophilidae, we concluded that the nest of M. squamosus was similar to those of other congeners, giving support to this currently phylogenetically-defined genus.

in Zoologia
Vítor Q. Piacentini
Vítor Q. Piacentini
Professor Adjunto

My research interests include taxonomy, systematics and biogeography of neotropical birds, zoological nomenclature, ornithological inventories.